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Personal Note:  It is exactly 5 years since I first released this word from the Lord as, “And the Lord Remembered”.  I didn’t know I was prophesying to myself lol.

Well, God has gone abundantly above my expectations.  I thought I was in an ark that was sailing toward a music ministry but God directed the ship differently.  He directed the ship to start a church called Crossroadz Christian Church and be a place where His children can find hope for the journey.

I pray this is an encouragement to you today.

Tiffany Ann Lewis
Pastor at Crossroadz Christian Church – Rexford NY

Waiting Without Worry
Tiffany Ann Lewis

“Then God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the animals that were with him in the ark. And God made a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters subsided.” (Genesis 8:1)

Are you feeling like your promise is always just around the corner and never in your hand?  You have received words upon words, promises upon promises from the Lord and you know that fulfillment is just around the corner, yet it seems like your corner never comes.  If so, I pray this word from the Lord is a blessing to you.

The first time we see this phrase in the bible is in Genesis 8:1 as Noah and the crew were enclosed in the ark for the duration of the flood.  As the waters prevailed on the earth, the ark was tossed to and fro in the storm.  Day after day they waited for the land to be dry again.  Talk about something that seems to be just around the corner.

This does not imply that God forgot; rather it announces that the fulfillment of His promise is finally at hand.  In Hebrew, the word for remembered is Zakar (Str. # 2142).  It is a verb, an action word meaning: to recall something, to remember, to call it to mind.  God remembered the previous commitment He had given to Noah.  It was now time for Him to activate the promise He made.  God was about to act on His word.

Notice the scripture reference, 8:1.  Eight is the number of new beginnings; Noah and the crew were on the threshold of a new beginning.  The rains have ceased and the storm is over.  The ark has come to rest and the waters are beginning to subside and it looks as though the corner is finally here and their promise is at hand.

But wait, there is still more waiting.  

At the end of forty more days Noah opened the window and sent out a raven and a dove. (v. 6-8)  The raven just kept flying back and forth on its own but the dove returned to the ark because there was no other resting place for her foot.  This signaled to Noah that it was not yet time to leave the safety of the ark.  Beloved, often when it feels as though we are “stuck in our ark” God is really keeping us enclosed to protect us from something.  Wisely, Noah waited seven more days before sending the dove out for the second time. (vs. 10)  This time she came back with a freshly picked olive leaf in her mouth giving Noah a glimmer of hope signaling the corner was really just around the corner.  Still Noah waited yet another seven days before sending the dove out for the third time. (v. 12)  The dove didn’t return this time yet still Noah waited until he heard the Lord speak and give the command to leave the ark. (v. 15)

The dove and the raven have symbolic importance here.  If we follow the raven’s example we will fly around and around never finding rest for our weary soul.  However, the dove, which is symbolic of the Holy Spirit will guide us and lead us into all truth as we wait on Him.  (See John 16:13)

The problem that arises during the waiting process is that our minds begin to wander and we can drift through the doorway of doubt.  Even if you are a seasoned Christian it does not mean that you are immune to the devil’s schemes.  We may not even realize it, but in these moments of vulnerability the devil gets in there and says, “Has God indeed said _____???” (Gen. 3:1b)  Fill in the blank yourself.  What has He said to you?  We can become disappointed as we wait on and on and it looks as though God is not going to come through.  We may even begin to wonder if we heard Him correctly in the first place.

Disappointments are painful and they can trigger negative emotions like doubt, worry and fear.
Doubt – “nothing good ever happens to me.”
Worry – “what if my corner never comes?”
Fear – “Did God forget me?”
These feelings only become magnified as we witness others coming into their promises while we wait on.  In our conscious mind we know God is faithful but someplace deep in our subconscious a wave of doubt might be stirring. These thoughts act like an undertow pulling us out into the sea of uncertainty as we wonder if we’ll ever come upon dry land again.

The bible does not tell us that Noah experienced any of these feelings but the reality is that most of us do.  If you are feeling a bit discouraged in the waiting I pray that looking at the life of Noah brings you encouragement.  Yes Noah had a lot of waiting to go through, we all do, but each step of the way God sent him encouragement.  The rains did come to an end, the waters did subside, and the dove did return with an olive branch.  God gives us encouragement and helps us wait on Him!

It takes tremendous faith to “be still and know that I am God.”’ (Ps. 46:10)  It takes a faith we don’t possess to be still in the midst of the storm and remain convinced that He has not forgotten us or the promise He made.  These storms come in many different forms such as financial hardships, sickness, regret, failure and even death.  O yes there is life after death, HalleluYah, but meanwhile there is a life to live and the burning sting of disappointment can throw us way off course.

It’s okay to feel hurt and disappointed, we just can’t let those feelings cause us to fly around and around like the raven or else we’ll be exhausted both physically and spiritually.  Without being still and KNOWING He is God we will remain discouraged, doubtful, and worse, we will remain spiritually right where we are and not move forward into our destiny.

I believe the Lord is trying to bring us to the place where we can wait without worry, a type of faith place where we won’t wrestle with our thoughts and emotions all the time.  A place of peace where we can fly as the dove did above the floodwaters that are in our lives and find rest as we wait in Him, our Ark.  This waiting is what will bring us to the threshold of our “8:1” – our new beginning where we will see the fulfilled promises of God manifested.

Maybe you are waiting on the promise of a restored relationship, health, happiness, peace, joy, love or financial prosperity.  These aren’t Christian fairy tales; these are part of the abundant life that Jesus said He came to give.  God is faithful.  Maybe God told you to write a book, sing a song, start a church, feed the hungry or visit the lonely, yet every step you take forward the devil pushes you back two with that same old phrase, “Has God indeed said?”  We can’t let it distract us one more time from who we are and who God called us to be. We must not give up.  It’s in the waiting that we will see God’s promises fulfilled.  We are on the threshold; the corner really is just around the corner.  Beloved, never forget, God always remembers and He will complete His destiny in your life.  Amen and Amen.

AUTHOR: Jenny Crawford
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